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9th Dartford Bridge Children’s Triathlon 14th July 2024


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The 9th Children’s Triathlon will be taking place on the 14th July 2024.

Part of the London and South east children’s series 2024

News update 18/10/2023

Entries are now live for next years Triathlon. The race will be run the same way as the last 2 years as we feel this works really well.

Everything has now changed for non BTF members. If you need a day license you will now be directed to British Triathlon web site to buy one. This is because they need you name and address for the day license.  

Start list 2024

Enter on line

Start list 20223 ( this will be added after we close for entry’s)

New site plan Toilets’ are now 100m away next to the security office

Race Brief 2022  This will be updated closer to the race but it should almost be the same.

Swim Map 

Bike Course

Run course

Parking Map 

Dartford Council have given us the ok to close the fast track bus lane till 10am again. The race will now be going ahead on the 9th July.

Due to space we can only take 200 entry’s. 

If anyone can help on the day can you please let me know

The children’s race will be on the 9th July start at 6.30am. Registration will open at 5.30am. Sorry for the early start but we can only close the road till 10am.

Times may change slightly on the day due to numbers.

Please go to the race holding pen 15 minutes before you are due to start. This is in the corner of transition by the Lake

  • Estimated start time for each age group.

  •     Tri-Start age 8         9.10am Mix

  •     Tri-Star 1 –  9/10      8.50am Mix

  •     Tri-Star 2 – 11/12 Boys

  •     Tri-Star 2 – 11/12     8.00 am Girls

  •     Tri-Star 3 – 13/14    7.30 am Boys

  •     Tri-Star 3 – 13/14    7.00 am Girls

  •     Youth      –  15/16    6.30 am Mix 

  •     Junior     –   17/18    6.30 am Mix                   

  •                         Swim          Bike               Run 

     17/18          400m        9k (6 laps)      2.4k (6 laps)

     15/16          400m       9k (6 laps)      2.4k (6 laps)

    Tristar 3       300m        7.5k(5 laps)    2 k (5 laps)     

    Tristar 2       200m        6k(4 laps)      1.6k (4laps)      

    Tristar 1        150m        3k(2 laps)      1.2k  (3laps)    

    Tristar Start 50m          1.5k(1 lap)     500m (1lap)

We also ask that you must have swum open water before the day of the race

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If you have any questions about The Bridge Triathlon, please get in touch  

 PLEASE NOTE: Swimming is forbidden in the lakes on The Bridge at any time other than for events or during authorised Open Water Swim training sessions. Any person found swimming in the lakes on The Bridge is committing an act of Trespass, will be asked to leave and will be barred from site and disqualified from all future events at The Bridge.  

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