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2024 Midnight Man

12th Midnight Man 10th/11th August 2024


Derby Junior Triathlon 2023 | Derby Triathlon Club



News update 24/09/23

Entries are now live for the 2024 Midnight man.  

Please note we are now limited to 250 entries.

Everything has now changed for non BTF members. If you need a day license you will now be directed to British Triathlon web site to buy one. This is because they need you name and address for the day license. 

Enter 2024

We are pleased to say that there is no price increase at the moment. Sorry but this may change after Christmas. We try our hardest to keep our entry’s fees the lowest in the UK but every part of our race is going up in price.

So what ever happens we will still be the best Value full and half distance race in the UK. 

To keep the price of the race so low we need to almost fill the race to cover the cost of running the event. If you can help us promote the race in any way that would be great

When I came up with this crazy idea 12 years ago I never thought we would make it to our 12th Year. It not been easy but its been fun and I have had the opportunity to meet some great people over this time.

All races will start at 6.00pm and most competitors should be finished before before the swimmers are out of the lake for the Midnight Man. 

We now also have real toilets and showers on site. 

We also have a tea wagon all night as well.

To enter any click below.

Enter online 2024

Click here to go on our mail out list for updates and special discounts on races. We don’t send out more than one e-mail a month. 

We have been listed in the top 6 Long-distance race in Europe for being beginner friendly. We are also listed as the best value Long-course Triathlon in the UK.  


Important race information below for this years race.

All races will start at 6pm. 

Wet suits are optional. I would sooner everyone wear one but we can’t make you. If it goes over 22 degrees for the sprint and Standard.

For the half and and full if it goes over 24.6 degrees it becomes a no wet suit swim. 

We do also now a tea wagon coming along. Not sure how long they will stay for as its a long night.

Remember to bring the following to make the race easer for you

1  Lights on your bike for the Full and half. 

2  Speedo so you can keep an eye on how far you cycled. There will be a lap counter on the  bike and run

3 There will be a large TV screen by the finish area so you can double check if you lose count.     

4  You will be given a Aid bag at registration to put anything you need during the bike or run. This will by the feed station in number order. It does get very cold during the night as we are close to 2 lakes and the river.

5 We will be giving out HIGH5 on the bike in 750m water bottles and water. 

The cut off times are as follows for the full distance.                                                                                

Swim 8.15pm (2.15), Bike 4.30am ( 10.30 hours) Finish 11am (17.00)     

There are no real cut off times for the other distances as we are there all night. 

2024 Race Brief 

Start list 2024

Terms and conditions 

How to find us

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Site Plan 


Weather in Darford

Swim map

Bike course new bike course 2024 It shows the new turn point. 

Bike course profile

Midnight Man Bike course on Youtube 

Run course

It finally happened – We are now on Instagram. Please follow us @bridgeeventsdartford.

One of our spectators, who isn’t a professional photographer has kindly shared the photos he took. They are very good so thank you.
See your photos here 
Photos free and taken by  

Lights on the bike

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In the event of us losing any part of the course we will turn the Triathlon into an alternative event. If we lose the road it will become an Aquathon. If we lose the lake it will become a Duathlon.

Click here for feedback from competitors that raced the 2016 Midnight Man and click here for race referees report.  

For open water venues in the UK Click here.

parking map


16 AUG 2014 - DARTFORD, GBR - Competitors head for the next buoy as they swim their first lap of the 2014 Midnight Wo/Man triathlon in The Bridge Lakes in Dartford, Great Britain (PHOTO COPYRIGHT © 2014 NIGEL FARROW, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) (NIGEL FARROW/COPYRIGHT © 2014 NIGEL FARROW :




For more photos and a race report on the 2014 race click on this link.

Midnight Man Bike course on Youtube 

16 AUG 2014 - DARTFORD, GBR - Competitors race along a closed lane of Bob Dunn Way during the 2014 Midnight Wo/Man triathlon in Dartford, Great Britain (PHOTO COPYRIGHT © 2014 NIGEL FARROW, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) (NIGEL FARROW/COPYRIGHT © 2014 NIGEL FARROW :

If you have any questions about the Midnight Man please get in touch

PLEASE NOTE: Swimming is forbidden in the lakes on The Bridge at any time other than for events or during authorised Open Water Swim training sessions. Any person found swimming in the lakes on The Bridge is committing an act of Trespass, will be asked to leave and will be barred from site and disqualified from all future events at The Bridge.

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