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2nd Chislehurst Commons Full and Half Marathon will take place on Sunday the 30th July 2018   

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                         Royal Parade, Chislehurst BR7 6NR                                              

Thank you all for taking part in this test event. We would also like to thank you all for your nice comments about the run. We will be making a few changes for next years run.

We have sorted out toilets for next years race. The Bull pub that is 50m from the turn point near the start have said we can use theirs.

There was also a slight problem with the distance. We will be checking the course again in January when there are no leaves on the trees. Our intention is to get the course checked by UK Athletics and certificated.   

We will also be doing a test run in the new year that will be one lap of the course. Anyone is welcome to come along and join in for free. Date to be confirmed.

Full set of the 2017 Results 


The run will start at 9am. The race will be all of road so no cars to worry about. Most of the run will be under trees so if its a sunny day you will be in the shade. The Marathon is part of the 10k course but we have added another 2k to bring it up to the right distance.

It took me 2 days running and cycling around the Park and Common to work out the run course. We have Checked and Checked and its 26.2 miles. We have now added the run course map above. The Marathon will be 6 laps. Each lap is 7.033k

The run takes you around Scadbury park and the commons of Chislehurst. 

Parking will be in all the side roads around Royal parade

There will be 2 water stations on each lap. We will also be giving out energy drinks at the main water station at the start and finish. There will also be jelly babies and crisps. 

Registration will be on the Triangle in Royal Parade near the Traffic light.

Once again we are able to use the Toilets in the Walnuts Cafe in Royal Parade.

There will be a bag storage area at the start and finish area.

There will also be a rest area at the finish with free food and drinks for all finishers.

There will be full first add cover during this year run.

If you have any question please feel free to ask.


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